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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The reason why angels can fly

Meiji internship at a hospital with five good friends. Because they learn in the same plane, they are placed and internships in the obstetrics and gynecology.

In college they learn together, where internships can also be shared, the six girls are very excited. But not long after, the six girls face a dizzying dilemma, in this hospital last received only one of them sixes.

Able to work in a hospital in the area is famous sixth dream girl, but they have to face the problem, "if you mean there is no me, if I do not then there is you." Cruel elimination should they face. Graduation day is approaching, the competition is getting tougher all six girls, but they encourage each other, bless each other. The hospital to determine who will be accepted last made a final test, the result was out, six of them both have a good achievement, the hospital does not know how to define. But the fact is, the hospital can only accept one person.

On this day, six girls were equally got a call from the emergency room, there's a woman to give birth, the hospital had to help her labor. The six girls hurry up an ambulance ride. In the ambulansada an obstetrician, two nurses, a hospital assistant chief medical resident and 6 toward the place of the woman who will give birth to it, this big trouble making six apprentice doctor was very tense. One of them whispered to the assistant principal asked the hospital whether they please the important people, so many people need.

Assistant head of the hospital said, "The status of women who would birth is somewhat special, so you all have to be present, so you do not miss this opportunity, then you should seriously pay attention and learn." In the car instantly became silent. This woman lived a rather secluded place, after the ambulance runs for some time they arrived, the woman who will give birth this hair was soaked with sweat, labor complications that had to be rushed to hospital.

After the members of the medical work quickly lifted the woman into the ambulance, they become aware of a problem, the whole place was in the car was full, the woman who would give birth husband can not participate in the car. All eyes in the direction of the assistant chief of the hospital is down check on her, without lifting his head he said, "Quick! Run fast car, It can not delay anymore! "Everyone stunned, not knowing what to do.

At this time, the Meiji jumped out of the car, the husband told the woman climbed into the ambulance. Ambulances raced like the wind to get to the hospital, half an hour later with panting breath Meiji followed up in the hospital, but the baby is born, the mother survived fortunately, the operation succeeded!

At the entrance to the hospital, he was confronted by the assistant chief of the hospital and asked him, "The opportunity to learn so important, why are you jumping down from the ambulance." Wiping the sweat dripping from his forehead he replied, "In the ambulance many doctors, my shortcomings will not preclude relief to the patient. But without the patient home with the patient, no one to take care of the administration and assist the mother, might cause adverse effects to the rescue is necessary. "

Three days later, the decision of the hospital has come out, Meiji a lucky person. Head of the hospital said why, "3 days ago when the test first aid to save the patient to give birth, although later you where, no matter what kind of your job, you have to remember these words, the angel can fly, because they consider themselves itself is very light. "